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  Catchment Sensitive Farming [CSF] Events

  •   Wednesday 18th February 2015
    Nene Catchment Sensitive Farming Training Workshop

    Catchment Sensitive Farming invite you to a training event for unit 051 (Principles of Safe Handling and Application of Pesticides on own land) as a replacement for Grandfather rights.

  •   Wednesday 21st January 2015
    Nene Catchment Sensitive Farming Workshop

    Catchment Sensitive Farming invite you to an event to update you on several key issues such as ‘Cross-compliance’, ‘soil reviews’ and ‘Countryside Stewardship Scheme’ at Knuston Hall. Booking essential.

  •   Wednesday 14th January 2015
    CAP Greening & Your Farm Business Farm Walk

    Catchment Sensitive Farming & the Campaign for the Farmed Environment invite you to an event to update you on: - CAP updates and implementation timing - Greening rules – crop diversification and Ecological Focus Areas - Adding value to basic EFAs - Cross-compliance changes for 2015

  •   Wednesday 30th March April 2014
    Soil Management Workshop

    A free workshop is being held in Northamptonshire with a focus on soil management, to help farmers improve the productivity and resilience of their business in the face of severe weather events.

  •   Monday 17th March 2014
    Soil Management Event

    Nene Catchment Partnership and Campaign for the Farmed Environment Soils Management Event at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Leicestershire.

  •   Tuesday 25th February 2014
    Free Farm Health Check - 2014 Update

    Confused by all the Regulations? Overwhelmed by paperwork? This clear & simple updated session will cover the main areas of inspection, the records you need to keep & the easiest way to keep them.

  •   Tuesday 11th February 2014
    Capital Grant Scheme Workshop

    The Capital Grant Scheme (CGS) will be open for applications during February and March this year. Please note this is different to previous years.

  •   Thursday 5th December, 2013
    Plant Nutrient Management Software - Free Event

    Come along and try out the free PLANET software using your own farm details, to take home with you. ALL your nutrient planning, fertiliser recommendations & NVZ records made EASY.

  •   Tuesday 3rd December 2013
    Future of Nene Catchment Consultation

    RNRP is holding a number of open public consultation days in December to increase awareness of our water environments and get peoples views on how to tackle these important issues.

  •   Wednesday 30th October, 2013
    PA4S Slug Pellet Applicator Training - Free Event

    Do you or your staff need slug pellet applicator training? Do you have Grandfather Rights but now need to demonstrate competence? Then this event is for you!

  •   Tuesday 25th June, 2013
    Farm Health Check & Nutrient Planning - Free Event

    A clear & simple session covering the main areas of inspection, the records you need to keep & the easiest way to keep them

  •   Thursday 7th March 2013
    Emelex Nutrient Training Workshop

    Further details on this event to be released shortly however names and contact details can now be registered by contacting RNRP on (01604) 366764.

  •   Wednesday 20th February 2013
    Capital Grant Scheme ISE Workshop


  •   Tuesday 12th February 2013
    Capital Grant Scheme Nene Workshop

    Buffet provided. To book contact RNRP on (01604) 366764

  •   Wednesday 11 July 2012
    Nene Catchment Partnership - FREE Event

    Presentations from the recent fully booked FREE Nene Catchment Partnership Event are now available to download.

  •   Wednesday 27th November
    Nene Catchment Sensitive Farming Workshop

    Nene Catchment Partnership held a FREE farmer and landowner event. The full day event with lunch provided gave advice and guidance on several topics.

  •   Friday 7th December 2012
    Nene Catchment Partnership - Free Event

    Increase your profits and protect the environment by effective use of inputs. Light buffet and refreshments included. To book contact RNRP on (01604) 366764.

  •   Thursday 22nd November 2012
    Precision Farming - Does It Pay? Free Training Course

    Find out how to save input costs and improve crop yields using precision farming techniques. Reduce compaction, optimise nutrient use and inputs, improve accuracy of cultivations and of agrochemical applications.

  •   6th November 2012
    'Save Money Through Efficient Farming' - Free Workshops

    A series of ‘hands-on’ workshops for farmers and landowners to help cut their fuel and energy costs and prepare for extreme weather events

  •   31st January & 2nd February
    Farming for the Future Consultation

    As part of Nenescape we will be running the ‘Farming for the Future’ project: We want to work with farmers and landowners in the Nene Valley from Northampton to Peterborough to help restore and create meadow and wetland habitats as well as undertake vital infrastructural improvements to tackle diffuse pollution & aid water quality though a simple to access grant scheme.

  •   21st February 2017
    Pesticide Handling Best Practice & LERAPS Free Workshop

  •   22nd February 2017
    Woodland & Water Event

  •   Tuesday 14th March 2017
    Protecting Your Natural Captial

  •   Wednesday 8th March 2017
    Material Change - Soil Event

  •   Monday 19th June
    Soil Quality & Crop Production Workshop

    You are invited to a free workshop with soils expert Philip Wright


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