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Wednesday 11 July 2012
18.30 - 21.00 including a light buffet and refreshments
Brixworth Farming Company Ltd
Venue Address:
Twigden Barns, The Farm Office, Grooms Lane, Creaton, Northants NN6 8LU
Contact Details:

Link for directions to farm and contact number: www.brixworthfarming.co.uk
Tel. Number: 01604 505973


18.30 - Arrival

18.45 - Welcome & introduction by Charles Matts, Managing Director, Brixworth Farming Company & Dr Robin Field, CSF Officer, River Nene Regional Park

19.00 - Presentation by Phil Humphrey NIAB TAG - Farming Advice Service Fertilisers are a significant component of crop production costs but are essential to grow high yielding crops and to maximise profitability. The challenge for all farmers is how to apply the required amounts of nutrition to crops in the most cost effective way to maximize crop yield and quality while avoiding wasting money on unnecessary fertiliser and keeping nutrients out of water.The Farm Advice Service will outline advances in matching fertiliser applications to crop requirements, alternative sources of crop nutrients and recent results comparing the efficiency of different types of nitrogen.

19.35 - Presentation by Ian Matts - Brixworth Farming Company (BFC) Precision Farming On Farm How Brixworth Farming Company have achieved a reduction in fertiliser and pesticide application by observing and responding to intra-field variations.

19.55 - Presentation by Anglian Water Limited - Anglian Water is investigating the potential of catchment measures as a solution to the challenges presented by pesticides routinely detected at concentrations above the UK standard for drinking water in rivers and reservoirs. Of particular concern are metaldehyde and clopyralid which even existing advanced treatment processes do not remove effectively from water. At this meeting Anglian Water will discuss progress to date with the work in the Nene Catchment, present the latest monitoring results, outline some general findings from a recent survey and share thoughts on the next stages of catchment management.

20.30 - Q & A & light buffet


  Event Information [341KB]  

  'Tackling diffuse water pollution from agriculture' - Dr Robin Field, River Nene Regional Park [2MB]  

  'Fertiliser Use' - Phil Humphrey, Farming Advice Service [956KB]  

  'Precision Farming' - Ian Matts, Brixworth Farming Company [4.9MB]  

  'Overview of Anglian Water's Catchment Management Strategy' - Simon Eyre, Anglian Water [1.7MB]  


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