Trout in the Classroom Project launched

20 Jan 2010

Trout in the Classroom
Trout in the Classroom


Trout in the Classroom is a multi-award winning hatchery scheme initiated in schools within the valley of South London's River Wandle. The project has now been rolled out countrywide and is now partnered with the Environment Agency and supported by Water UK, The National Trust, The Atlantic Salmon Trust, Sparsholt College Hampshire et al. Doctor David Bellamy is the illustrious and enthusiastic President.

Self contained hatchery units comprising chiller, aquarium, pump and related equipment are installed either just before or after Christmas into an appropriate classroom location. In February approximately 250 Brown Trout or Salmon eggs are delivered with Environment Agency permission. Under teacher supervision a group of chosen children oversee the hatching, nurturing, feeding and general progress of the fry for up to 12 weeks prior to release with great ceremony into their local river. The number of fish surviving to release stage is in part dependant upon the children's engagement with the project.

Three schools are taking part in this scheme through Revital-ISE; All Saints in Wellingboro, Brambleside in Kettering and Havelock Junior in Desborough. Equipment was installed last week, and the pupils responded enthusiastically to the accompanying demonstration/ talk about the process. The fry are due to arrive shortly so watch this space for progress....!

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