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Catchment Sensitive Farming is a scheme encouraging farmers and land owners to engage in careful land management that keeps diffuse pollutants below the Water Framework Directive stated levels. Targeted work is conducted both in the immediate catchment of a watercourse and further downstream. It includes managing the use of fertilisers, manures and pesticides; promoting good soil structure and rain infiltration to avoid run-off and erosion; protecting watercourses from contamination along with many other objectives. Along with free advice, a number of capital grants are also available to aid water quality improvements.

The Nene and upper Welland Catchment Sensitive Farming Partnership has recently undergone expansion and is now made up of 6 partners being Natural England, the Environment Agency, River Nene Regional Park, Anglian Water, Welland Rivers Trust and the Wildlife Trust. This collaboration allows for all aspects of resource protection to be covered by delivering the aims of Catchment Sensitive Farming through combined expertise.


Recently, Catchment Sensitive Farming grants have been incorporated into the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, with Catchment Sensitive Farming Officers providing free advice on the best use of grants and options for mid-tier agreements and standalone grants.



For more information on the scheme, please call Georgina Wallis, Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer for Nene and Welland Catchments on 07921 941734/01536 526436. 

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Catchment Sensitive Farming

Catchment Sensitive Farming

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  •   31st January & 2nd February 2017
    Farming for the Future Consultation

    As part of Nenescape we will be running the ‘Farming for the Future’ project: We want to work with farmers and landowners in the Nene Valley from Northampton to Peterborough to help restore and create meadow and wetland habitats as well as undertake vital infrastructural improvements to tackle diffuse pollution & aid water quality though a simple to access grant scheme.

  •   21st February 2017
    Pesticide Handling Best Practice & LERAPS Free Workshop

  •   22nd February 2017
    Woodland & Water Event

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