Kingsthorpe Local Nature Reserve (2006-2008)

20 Sep 2008

Kingsthorpe Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is leased to the Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust and is one of 6 LNRs in Northampton Borough. It lies alongside the Brampton Arm of the River Nene approximately 0.5km west of Kingsthorpe and 3km north of the Town Centre.

The Reserve consists of 2 parts; one part lies to the north of Mill Lane, the other to the south. It contains a wide diversity of habitat types including open water, grassland and scrub. Subsidiary habitats provide additional habitat for invertebrates and birds.

The project, backed by Northampton Borough Council, will extend the present extent of the LNR with an additional 5.6 hectares of green space purchased from the owners of the adjacent Martin’s Yard. Purchasing the land would provide additional benefits to Northampton Borough residents, investors and visitors – offering extensive leisure, educational and nature conservation value. The use of the land as an extension to the existing LNR would also contribute towards Northamptonshire’s Green Infrastructure network by creating a footpath that will extend links in the Brampton Valley promoting a town centre to countryside path. The area of land is also a County Wildlife Site and supports wet grassland and swamp habitats, which without sympathetic management may lose their biodiversity value.

Purchase and management of this area will therefore contribute to the delivery of the local and national Biodiversity Action Plans.

Kingsthorpe Local Nature Reserve (2006-2008)