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  Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Nenescape Landscape Partnership is a Heritage Lottery Funded scheme, which will focus on the transition of the Nene Valley from a working landscape to a recreational space with significant historical and wildlife interest.  All of this must learn to coexist alongside a large, increasing human population; modern industry and agriculture.


The Nene Valley is a beautiful part of middle England, extending for around 35 miles between Northamptonshire and Peterborough.  The river Nene pours through the landscape, offering its wealth of wildlife, minerals and energy to the settlers and visitors on its banks. Since the Bronze Age, the springs, brooks and tributaries feeding the river valley have provided rich soils, food, drinking water and transportation, making this river an irresistible pull for migrating populations.

Today’s river is a hidden treasure, which is poorly recognised for its historic and natural beauty.  Northamptonshire is the largest housing growth area outside of London, while Peterborough is the second-fastest growing city.  This means there is a critical risk to the Nene Valley’s heritage from high levels of urban growth and community fragmentation.


The Vision

The Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme will reveal the hidden stories of the Nene Valley and strengthen the relationships local people and industry have with this extraordinary countryside.  


Through a series of ambitious projects, under three themes; listen to the past, explore the now, and protect the future, we will create a well-managed, understood and appreciated landscape that tells tales of times gone by; inspires a sense of adventure; is easy to explore, rich in wildlife, and resilient to the pressures of on-going population growth.


 In 2015 the Heritage Lottery fund (HLF) awarded the Nenescape Landscape Partnership £208,000 to develop a series of aspiring projects which will us achieve our vision.  A further £2.6 million has been earmarked by the Heritage Lottery Fund to support Nenescape deliver its £5 million project.


Over the next 12 months the NLPS will be working with partners, professionals and stakeholders and engaging with communities and visitors to help inform these projects plans and our stage 2 HLF application.  


If successful NLPS will begin an ambitious programme of activity over a five-year period, working across two counties and 6 districts to protect and promote our natural and built heritage, forge long relationships and improve the lives, opportunities and experiences of people living and visiting the Nene Valley.

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Coming & Recent Events

  •   02 March 2014
    Community Planting Day

    The River Nene Regional Park CIC, in partnership with the Groundwork Northamptonshire and the Woodland Trust is very pleased to promote a community planting day as part of their Forests for Life initiative.

  •   Wednesday 18th February 2015
    Nene Catchment Sensitive Farming Training Workshop

    Catchment Sensitive Farming invite you to a training event for unit 051 (Principles of Safe Handling and Application of Pesticides on own land) as a replacement for Grandfather rights.

  •   Wednesday 21st January 2015
    Nene Catchment Sensitive Farming Workshop

    Catchment Sensitive Farming invite you to an event to update you on several key issues such as ‘Cross-compliance’, ‘soil reviews’ and ‘Countryside Stewardship Scheme’ at Knuston Hall. Booking essential.

  •   Tuesday 3rd December 2013
    Consultation on the future of the Nene Catchment

    RNRP is holding a number of open public consultation days in December to increase awareness of our water environments and get peoples views on how to tackle these important issues.

  •   17th September, 6th October & 28th October
    Nene Catchment Partnership Autumn Events

    The Nene Catchment Partnership is holding three events this Autumn. Please book your place as soon as possible

  •   Wednesday 9th October 2013
    The Northamptonshire Local Nature Partnership Conference

    RNRP are partners in this event which is designed to bring together business leaders, councillors and environmental professionals to gain an insight into how Northamptonshire is balancing the needs of nature, society and the economy.

  •   Saturday 23rd August 2014
    Corby Big Summer Night Out - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

    This unique event launches Made in Corby, an ambitious three year programme of new arts activity that will see Corby’s communities working with artists of local, national and international significance.

  •   22nd October 2010
    Habitat Restoration at Tailby Meadows, Desborough

    Major work to help the restoration of the riverside meadows is planned to start in the next few weeks at The Wildlife Trust in Northamptonshire's Nature Reserve, Tailby Meadows

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