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  Northampton Allotment Network- Children's Plot Competition 2015

At the end of September the Annual awards presentation took place for the Northampton Allotment Network. RNRP is delighted to continue to support the young gardeners across Northampton.

The three young achievers results were as follows:

1st - Troy Anderson - Southfields

2nd - Ella Mai Kaminski - Harlestone Road

3rd - Stephen King - Mereway

Runner Up - Freya Morris - Ekins

  • 1st Place - Troy Anderson from Southfields
  • 2nd Place - Ella Mai Kaminska from Harlestone Rd
  • Ella Mai Kaminska's Plot
  • Freya Morris' Plot
  • Runner Up - Freya Morris from Ekins
  • Troy Anderson's Plot
  • Troy Anderson's Plot

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