The Future

RNRP will continue to accept commissions from the public, private and community and voluntary sectors to provide environmental and sustainable solutions in Northamptonshire and the South & East Midlands. We will innovate and push the boundaries while securing the best possible value for money for our clients and communities. Where appropriate our current partnership working will be used to assist clients at project level. It is always our intention to achieve the highest possible standards in the planning and management of the environment, wildlife and natural and historic landscape. 

The RNRP team, along with our consultants and partners are able to assist in the following tasks:

  • Project management – all scales 
  • Project administration 
  • Land Assessments 
  • Green Infrastructure and ecosystem service policy, planning and implementation 
  • Environmental restoration and remediation 
  • Environmental Offsetting 
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement 
  • Partnership development and support
  • Funding bids and project finance from multiple sources

Current projects in association with our partners include:

  • Nene Valley Catchment Partnership
  • Nenescape Landscape Partnership & sub projects
  • Nene & Welland Support for Farmer Action: delivering advice, funding and projects
  • Forests for Life: Rockingham, landscape enhancement and carbon sink
  • Engaging local communities and businesses to increase the Nene’s contribution to the local economy
  • Implementing innovative river restoration projects, revitalising our landscape and environment.



River Nene Regional Park