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Autumn Events Flyer

07 Aug 2015

Please find the flyer HERE


These part day events will present information and networking opportunities around three topic areas of particular relevance in the Catchment, and much more broadly. The events and dates are listed below:

 Dates and topics are:

Sustainable Urban Drainage                                                                                                  September 17th

Models for Open Space Management                                                                                   October 6th

Water Framework Directive: Understanding your responsibilities                                  October 28th


The events will have a similar format commencing at 9.30am and concluding with a networking lunch at 1.30pm.  They will be held at the Kettering Conference Centre.


Speakers have been secured to share concrete examples and to inspire the audience and there will be panel discussions at the conclusion of presentations.


Please read the flyer attached and register your interest as early as possible.


If you know anyone who may be interested in attending these events please pass the flyer on.