12 Feb 2015

Rivers, lakes, wetlands and beaches form a complex water system. Our wellbeing depends on this system. And so too does the wellbeing of our wildlife. But today, less than a quarter of our water systems are classified as healthy.

There are many causes: pollution, habitat destruction, and too much water being drawn out for homes and businesses. This means there are fewer places for us to fish and explore; fewer places for birds and water voles to thrive; and our homes are affected too, as the quality of our water environment affects drinking water, sanitation and flood management.

This is your chance to fix things. The Environment Agency is asking you to comment on plans that will determine how our waters are managed for the next six years. The consultation ends in March 2015. Tell us about the aspirations you have for our water systems today and help radically improve the health of our waters for people, wildlife, and future generations.