Southfield Farm Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest

Southfield Farm Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest

30 Mar 2009

Southfield Farm Marsh
Southfield Farm Marsh


The Environment Agency (EA) has undertaken work for the Wildlife Trust at Southfield Farm Marsh Nature Reserve to help keep the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) 'wetted up'. The Reserve lies between Kettering and Burton Latimer next to the River Ise and the A14.

This site is unusual as it is a base-rich and floristically diverse mire that relies on a constantly high water table. It has become apparent that the area where this rare vegetation exists was drying out. The EA, Wildlife Trust and Natural England have worked together to find a solution and a recent study has suggested that a pipe running from the River Ise onto the SSSI had become blocked and was therefore not allowing a constant supply of water from the river to enter the SSSI.

As a result of these findings the EA decided to undertake works to clear the blocked pipe. While the machinery was still on site the Revital-ISE project funded work to restore part of an old section of river which has been slowly drying out over the last few years. These works were completed on March 3 2009. The site will be monitored and surveyed over the next few years to see if the site is suitably wet and the flora is returning to its former status.

Any organisations or groups who have projects within the Ise Valley which they think could link with Revital-ISE project please contact the Project Officer at or by telephoning 01604-237243.

Contact details:

Dr Robin Field, Revital-ISE Project Officer, River Nene Regional Park
Tel: 01604 237243

Notes to editors

Revital-ISE Project
The Revital-ISE project provides an outstanding opportunity for partnership working between landowners, land managers, local authorities, Government Agencies, environmental groups, and local communities to re-establish a high quality environment throughout the Ise Valley that meets the needs of a 21st century community. The Revital-ISE project officer post is funded for two years by the Environment Agency and hosted by the River Nene Regional Park.

The River Nene Regional Park (RNRP)
RNRP is a Community Investment Company that is hosted by Northamptonshire County Council and can hold assets and land on behalf of the community. It is an independent organisation that was constituted under the framework of the Treasury's Green Book and is recognised as a Treasury model for the environment in relation to sustainable growth area funding delivery.

RNRP Vision
"By 2016 the RNRP partnership will be an independent, inclusive, reciprocal and beneficial partnership of public, private and third sector members. It will be nationally and internationally recognised as the centre of excellence for the piloting, co-ordination and delivery of regional sustainable development, addressing strategic issues such as Climate Change, the enhancement of local biodiversity and the innovative development of the environment as an asset for social development, education, leisure & recreation, heritage and cultural activity, and as a primary vehicle of economic regeneration."