Catchment Sensitive Farming back for another two years

01 Sep 2011

Funding has been agreed for Catchment Sensitive Farming to run for another two years with the added bonus that from March/April 2012 farmers within the priority areas will be able to apply for funding from the capital grant scheme (national pot). The priority areas have now been extended to include all of the River Ise and all the River Nene above Northampton. The actual local priorities within the capital grant scheme have yet to be set but these will be reported in the next letter. The procedure will be a visit from the Catchment Officer followed by support to complete the application. Up to £10,000 per holding can be claimed but the applications need to be strongly focused on national and local priorities to have the best chance of being successful.

Once again we will be running a range of free training workshops and these are likely to be based around application of slug pellets (PA4 qualification), the soil review and a sediment workshop. Details of planned workshops can be found at the end of the newsletter.

In the first two years the partnership provided free of charge:

  • Seven farmer events with over 150 farmers attending
  • 105 farm one to one visits
  • Seven specialist one to one visits
  • Seven partnership newsletters
  • Improved monitoring in Upper Nene, CSF website, working with MSG and catchment modelling from Anglian Water

We hope to continue in a similar mode for the next two years concentrating on sediment issues on the River Ise and sediment and Metaldehyde issues on the River Nene. Free farm visits are available from now so please contact us if you would like one.

Map of thes Priority Areas [273KB]