River Ise Partnership

This partnership first came together in October 2019 through a collective interest in the River Ise Catchment and has since become a working group of the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership (NVCP). Members of the partnership agreed to invest their time and ideas and, where appropriate, resources to investigate, identify and propose future opportunities for the greater good of the catchment. The group will act to secure funding to support the delivery of initiatives and have influence on local policies and priorities. The group will report to the NVCP, on request, ahead of their quarterly catchment partnership meeting.

Our Vision 

Our Vision is to develop a Partnership that will provide a coordinated approach aimed at improving access to and the quality of the Ise Valley. It will be a strong and inclusive network of individuals, professionals and organisations to enable collaborative action that will deliver real outcomes. It will facilitate the level and diversity of partner and community participation in the planning, development and united enjoyment of the Ise Valley.

Our Vision sees a large scale and ambitious programme to enhance the quality of the Valley’s natural environment, to strengthen its natural capital and develop its ecosystem services. Our Vision is to ensure that the Ise Valley plays a central role in North Northamptonshire’s sustainable and economic prosperity; that its landscape character and sense of place is regarded as equally important as the economy and valued every bit as much as our planned growth.

Our Mission

  • For the Ise Valley to become a connected landscape of places and spaces in which our existing and important habitats are restored and developed so they become more resilient to change, bring about environmental gain, enable ecological networks to grow and secure natural heritage through better management. 
  • That River Ise is cared for, is improved and enhanced to facilitate sustainable natural flow where water quality and habitats are improved and flooding is reduced.
  • For the Ise Valley to be recognised as providing a setting that allows people and wildlife to co-exist harmoniously and interdependently; where authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture can occur.
  • That the benefits afforded by the Ise Valley are taken into account, not just by environmentalists but by all within its catchment; 
  • That the services supplied throughout the Ise catchment are identified, enhanced and protected so that the Valley can continue to provide on a grand scale to let people share, experience and embrace nature and local distinctiveness

The key aims of the River Ise Partnership are to: 

  • Develop a River Ise Linear Park that creates links and pathways for people and wildlife and augments connectivity from Wellingborough through Kettering and to Corby.
  • Mitigate against climate change.
  • Contribute to natural flood management.
  • Minimise impacts on the catchment and provide net gains for biodiversity.
  • Improve water quality.
  • Create new green infrastructure (GI) as well as protect and enhance existing GI.
  • Seek opportunities to develop sustainable tourism that creates socioeconomic benefits for communities through employment and income earning opportunities. 

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  •  Nenescape Chester House Mooring 1
  •  Nenescape Chester House Mooring 10
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River Nene Regional Park

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June 21 2022

Nenescape launches new mooring on River Nene

A new £300k mooring was officially opened at The Chester House Estate at Irchester, near Wellingborough on Friday 10th June by the Nenescape Landscape Partnership.

February 23 2022

NOTICE: We are Moving!

RNRP is moving offices this week and, until further notice, all enquiries will be via email to info@rnrp.org 
We will not have access to voicemail on the landlines, but staff will still be contactable via their mobile phones.

February 22 2022

EVENTS: Future Farming Forum 2022

In March, River Nene Regional Park will be hosting its first in-person forum event of 2022 for Nene Valley Farmers at Chester House Estate.