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June 10 2021

NEWS: Rivers Trust Publishes 2020 Annual Review

Even in one of the most turbulent years we've ever known, the Rivers Trust movement has achieved some truly incredible things and its Annual Review for 2020 is now available to download. 

March 15 2012

Hellidon Millennium Fund

The Hellidon Millennium Fund provided funding to plant woodland on the slopes overlooking the golf course. A grant was given to this group to provide a flat footpath with steps to allow the steep slope to be climbed slightly more easily.
December 08 2011

The Nene Valley Strategy

The strategy will be developed and used by all partners and stakeholders for the development and delivery of green infrastructure projects in the Nene Valley.
November 01 2011

Kettering General Hospital Pocket Park

RNRP funding has led to the creation of a pocket park next to the hospital providing staff and patients with a pleasant area to sit in or walk around in.
September 24 2011

Plug Planting with Natural-Ise

The Natural-Ise group, who look after the newly created Ise Valley Parklands in Kettering, are to start work on planting large amounts of native wildflower plants along the River Ise.
September 11 2011

Mouton Parish Council

Two sites within Moulton, Crowfield Common Local Nature Reserve and Busbys Meadow Pocket Park, have received funding for various projects. 

River Nene Regional Park

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March 18 2020


Due to the unfolding and rapidly changing coronavirus pandemic, we have changed our plans for at least the next 8 weeks.