VIDEO: From Steel Riverbank to Thriving Ecosystem in 5 months!

16 Nov 2021

We are delighted to share this case study of one of our projects from 2021 that illustrates the waterway transformation that can occur in less than a year with Floating Ecosystems along the banks.

River Nene Regional Park decided to regenerate the riverbank at Whitworths Mill bank of the River Nene at Wellingborough Embankment. As a part of the Resilient River project, and the Nenescape Landscape Partnership, and in collaboration with the adjacent landowners, they contracted Biomatrix Water to install Floating Ecosystems to improve the biodiversity of the river. 

Brilliantly energetic local resident and creative community filmmaker Purple Purnell has made this video that he shared with us through his youtube channel Purple Vision. He has tracked and recorded the Floating Ecosystems throughout the year and he also includes drone footage and underwater video of the root systems. It is great to see this enthusiastic response to the project and the public engagement of the local community. 

150m of Floating Ecosystems were installed in April 2021, resulting in 252sq.m of new habitat. The anchoring system allows the Ecosystems to rise and fall with the changing water levels, thus they can withstand flood conditions.

"The River Nene Regional Park are delighted to have worked with Biomatrix on this project and will be seeking out opportunities to provide similar solutions to areas that would benefit from green engineering solutions in the future. The feedback from all those involved in the project and the visitors to the area has been phenomenal since the Ecosystems were installed. Biomatrix were brilliant to work with and interacted with the public on site to answer any questions. ” - Viktor Tzikas River Nene Regional Park

The native plants that populate the Floating Ecosystems significantly increase the biodiversity of species on this section of the River Nene. It creates a green corridor that supports species to be able to thrive in what before was a hard edged and challenging environment. Fish can shelter beneath the Floating Ecosystems and have a safe place to spawn. The microorganisms that live on the roots of the plants help to improve the water quality.