Kettering Volunteer Gifted Canoe for Waterways Clean-ups

18 Jun 2021

A veteran Kettering litter picker has been gifted a canoe by Nenescape Landscape Partnership to help him with his programme of river clean-ups across the county.

Nick Urquhart had started a crowdfunder to raise money for a kayak to enable him to reach litter-strewn river banks inaccessible by foot - part of his one-man crusade to clean up the river. Staff from The River Nene Regional Park spotted his online appeal and stepped in to provide a boat for his clean ups of the River Ise, Slade Brook and River Nene.

River Nene Regional Park exists to support the natural environment of the Nene Catchment, and so much of what we do takes place at large scale, driven by the communities that live and work in this special place. We saw Nick's shout for help as an invitation to do something that has real value and meaning in our own ‘backyard'.

When we saw Nick’s appeal online, we really wanted to help him with the amazing clean-up work that he does in the River Ise catchment, and we were glad to be able to gift him a kayak. The River Ise Partnership is a new initiative of River Nene Regional Park, we look forward to working with many more volunteers and partners to promote and improve the Ise Valley.

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