Nene Valley Catchment Partnership Autumn Update 2019

15 Oct 2019

Nene Valley Catchment Partnership Autumn 2019 Update.

Read about everything our friends and partners have achieved in Spring/Summer 2019 and find out what's next for the Nene Valley.

We are immensely proud of the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership. Formed in June 2014 the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership covers the catchment of the River Nene and its tributaries, comprising of local and national organisations working towards a shared vision characterised by thriving communities and sustainable complimentary growth and development. This will be achieved through efficient and practical project implementation based on sound evidence, influence on, and delivery through local planning policies, open and ongoing communication and genuine collaboration.

What's Inside

  • Latest updates from our Partners & Projects 
  • What Nene Valley Catchment Partnership has achieved in Spring/Summer 2019 
  • What's next for the Nene Valley?

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