Resilient River Featured in Rivers Trust Review 2021

09 Jun 2022

The Rivers Trust Annual Review for 2021 is now live, and features case studies from RNRP's very own Resilient River Project.

2021 saw the Rivers Trust movement grow faster than ever before - and that’s thanks to you. 

Over the past year, supporters of the member Trusts have caused an explosion in public interest surrounding river health, resulting in a huge surge in media interest, covering the manifold issues facing our rivers; shifts in policy, drawing us closer to a future where rivers are protected from harm; and more people than ever developing a close bond with their local river.

At the same time, member Trusts have been fighting on the front line of river restoration. They achieved some fantastic things in 2021 - engaging with over 15,000 volunteers, delivering over 600 river clean ups, and planting 277,000 (!) trees.

The River Nene is a hugely important river, both ecologically and culturally. However, years of navigation have taken a toll on this habitat. Our Nenescape Landscape Partnership has been carrying out extensive work as part of its Resilient River Project to help the habitat thrive again, and we are delighted to see the project given a voice as a featured case study in this year's review.

"We are delighted to feature in this review. For us, it represents a milestone on our long relationship with the Rivers Trust family. Watch this space for our next step, which we hope to reveal this summer"  - River Nene Regional Park CEO, Kathryn Soares

The numbers are impressive, but they don’t quite capture the on-the-ground, grassroots, wet boots approach the Rivers Trusts take.

Read or download the full Rivers Trust Annual Review here for the full picture of everything the Trusts achieved in 2021.

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