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Nene Valley Catchment Partnership
The Nene Valley Catchment Partnership will realise this vision that the Nene Catchment will support abundant and resilient natural assets and is a desirable place to live, work and relax.

Resilient River
Part of the Nenescape Landscape Partnership scheme, the Resilient River project aims to connect habitats along the River Nene by restoring neglected backchannels and backwaters. 

Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme
The Nenescape Landscape Partnership is a Heritage Lottery Funded scheme, which will focus on the transition of the Nene Valley from a working landscape to a recreational space with significant historical and wildlife interest.

Nene and Welland Support for Farmer Action
A collaborative project between the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership & the Welland Valley Catchment Partnership, funded by the Water Environment Grant.  The projects aims to extend the Countryside Stewardship offer to the entire Nene & Welland catchments and provide an opportunity for farmers to take actions which are outside of current government priorities. 

Forest for Life: Rockingham
The Forest for Life aims to be nationally recognised as an exemplar climate change initiative for the regeneration of the Rockingham Forest with innovative and purposeful means of bringing businesses and communities together around a common cause.

Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area
The Nene Valley NIA, covering an area of 41,350 hectares in the centre of England, contains a fragmented ecological network of statutory and non-statutory sites, including the Upper Nene Valley Gravel Pits SPA/SSSI

Northamptonshire Envrionmental Character
Northamptonshire's Environmental Character Strategy (ECS) and Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategy - two ground-breaking initiatives that place Northamptonshire at the forefront of environmental planning the the United Kingdom.

Green Infrastructure (GI)
GI can be defined as a planned network of multi-functional green spaces and interconnecting links. GI is integral to the health and quality of life of sustainable communities within Northamptonshire and throughout the Milton Keynes and South Midlands Growth Area.

Past Projects
Since inception in 2004 the River Nene Regional park has delivered a suite of projects from small community scale projects to award winning schemes. An archive of our completed projects can be found here.

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