Executive team Christmas Visit 2007

Executive team Christmas Visit 2007

09 Sep 2007

Wothorpe Towers


On the last Thursday before Christmas, and the coldest day of the year so far, the RNRP Executive Team headed to the north of the county to visit Wothorpe Towers, a site that has benefited from RNRP funding via the Environmental Grant Scheme.

Wothorpe lies southwest of Stamford on the higher ground of the southern edge of the Welland Valley. Wothorpe Towers is the ruins of a house that was built between 1615 and 1623 for Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter, and is currently undergoing an incredible restoration by the Wothorpe Towers Preservation Trust. The remains consist of a central three storey block built of ashlar faced rubble with four square four storey angle towers. The garden, originally with a flamboyant water feature, also to be restored, was entered by an elaborate gateway.

Once the first stage of restoration is completed, the site will be opened to the public, who can learn more about this mysterious building via an interpretation room. This will be fully interactive, and fitted out in one of the old buildings on the site believed to have been previously used as a blacksmith shop with stable.

Following this fascinating, atmospheric visit, with tour kindly provided by owner Paul Griffin, toes were defrosted on the way to Wadenhoe House where the Team had their Christmas lunch!

Never to put their feet up for too long, the next stop was Fermyn Woods Ancient Natural Woodland, where a brisk walk was accompanied by a talk about the woodland from Kevin. Unfortunately, conditions had worsened by then; melting ice was pouring off the trees as if a downpour isolated to the woods themselves was taking place and thick fog enveloped the whole place making it impossible to spot Lyveden New Bield, another important link and landmark, that has received RNRP funding in the area.

The team left the woods before the day grew any darker, and rounded it all off with a visit to Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Gallery, where kind host Ros Stoddart gave an inspiring tour of the building, discussing the print room and events that take place there, and served up tea and cake!