Land advisor (2004-2008)

Land advisor (2004-2008)

20 Jul 2009

One of the key issues identified in the early stages of developing the Regional Park concept was how to engage with the large number of landowners that exist within the Regional Park area. By creating the post of River Nene Regional Park (RNRP) Land Advisor, the project team has ensured that there is a direct link to the landowner community.

The greater pressure that will be put upon farmland as a result of the new growth agenda, and the need for increased recreation for the resulting growth in population could lead to negative impacts on the environment. By providing an independent conservation and advisory service to landowners the RNRP can diversify and enhance its environmental assets and help to bridge the gaps between existing and proposed green spaces and the surrounding environment.

Land Advisor
Land Advisor

This is helping to ensure that landowners and farmers in the partnership are more aware of the landscape, conservation and historic features on their land and have a greater understanding of how to manage these assets in a sustainable and sympathetic way.

Securing grant aid via agri-environment schemes such as Natural England's Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) Scheme, and RNRP's own Green Infrastructure Small Grants Scheme is assisting in the regeneration of the rural economy. Schemes support agricultural and skilled rural contractor jobs through work such as hedge laying, pond creation, woodland planting and management and through traditional land management practices such as hay making, shrub coppicing and willow pollarding.

By keeping landowners aware of the need for sustainable land management, the environment of the RNRP area will be improved over time. The numbers of key local BAP species will be increased when their habitats are brought into favourable management, thus conserving the natural heritage of the region.

Land Advisor
Land Advisor

The Land Advisor’s primary tasks are to:

  • bring land into favourable environmental management through agri-environment scheme agreements
  • raise awareness of environmental and conservation issues on private land through the advisory service
  • organise events and training days for the landowner community
  • provide information through a variety of media


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