What does the Nene Valley mean to you?

21 Aug 2012

Take part in a new on-line survey to find out what local people think of the Nene Valley! What's your favourite place in the Nene Valley - is it Stanwick Lakes adventure playground for the kids, or Summer Leys for close-up views of fantastic wildlife? Are you a dog walker? Birdwatcher? Angler? Or maybe you've never visited any site in the valley - in which case, we're just as interested in your views.

Please take a few minutes to complete our on-line survey by selecting here  

Find out more about the on-line survey at the Nene Valley NIA website [Opens New Window]  

All your responses will be anonymous - we do not need personal details or addresses, though we do ask for a postcode (or nearest village or town) to find out roughly how far away respondents live from the valley.