Revital-ISE [NCP] Press Releases

  •   Reviving the River Ise and it's surrounding environment

    Revital-ISE is a new partnership project that has been launched to improve biodiversity, access, recreation and leisure and and encourage the local communities to get involved in the area'. This project will endeavour to implement improvements along the length of the Ise valley with the aims of enhancing the biodiversity, providing increased access, increasing leisure and recreational activities, improving the landscape value and restoring the natural floodplain where possible.   [ ]

  •   Wicksteed watermeadows Press Release March 2011

    Launch of the Big Lottery ‘Awards for All’ grant for community events at Wicksteed water meadows, Kettering.   [ 327KB ]

  •   Launch of the Wicksteed Park Nature Reserve

    An outstanding opportunity for partnership working between landowners, land managers, local authorities, Government Agencies, environmental groups, and local communities to re-establish a high quality environment throughout the Ise Valley.   [ 489KB ]

  •   Guided walk on the history and ecology

    PRESS RELEASE : Guided walk on the history and ecology of the meadows and surrounding area, Saturday 12th March at 2.30pm.   [ 327KB ]

  •   Wicksteed habitat restoration work

    Nationally important habitat restoration work to begin at the Wicksteed water meadows, Kettering.   [ 71KB ]

  •   Working together to bring wetland back to life

    PRESS RELEASE : A Northamptonshire wetland is to be recreated as part of an exciting project to Revital-ISE the River Ise and its surroundings. The works will include re-engineering a meandering part of the river through Cooks Spinney, a small woodland.   [ 190KB ]

  •   Wildflowers and schools

    PRESS RELEASE : A project to encourage schools to start growing wildflowers from seed. Once grown these plants will be used in the school wildlife areas, or planted into local Pocket Parks or other community wildlife areas.   [ 189KB ]

  •   Trout in the Classroom project

    The Revital-ISE project which aims to revive the River Ise and its surrounding environment and increase community involvement has funded three schools to take part in the national and international project "Trout in the Classroom".   [ 73KB ]

River Nene Regional Park


June 21 2022

Nenescape launches new mooring on River Nene

A new £300k mooring was officially opened at The Chester House Estate at Irchester, near Wellingborough on Friday 10th June by the Nenescape Landscape Partnership.

February 23 2022

NOTICE: We are Moving!

RNRP is moving offices this week and, until further notice, all enquiries will be via email to 
We will not have access to voicemail on the landlines, but staff will still be contactable via their mobile phones.