New dipping platforms at Newton Field Centre

04 Apr 2011

The Revital-ISE project which aims to revive the River Ise and its surrounding environment has funded two dipping platforms at Newton Field Centre. The aims of these new platforms are to improve the experience and safety for the numerous schools visiting the centre and help protect the river. At Newton the River Ise is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the only riverine SSSI in the county, and is under threat from sedimentation and pesticides. A number of improvements are being made along the river to help counter these threats one of which is Natural England's Catchment Sensitive Farming initiative working with the Revital-ISE project, Environment Agency, landowners and farmers.

The two dipping platforms, one located on the river and the other at a near by pond were built earlier in the summer and are greatly appreciated by the schools. Georgina Hand, Centre Manager for the Newton Field Centre said 'it is a great bonus having these two dipping platforms, it will make the children's experience of the field centre safer and more enjoyable'. Dr Robin Field the Revital-ISE Project Manager said ' we have run several events at Newton Field Centre and always felt a dipping platform would afford students a chance to take samples from the river Ise more safely whilst protecting the river and pond margins from excessive trampling. We are very grateful to the Environment Agency for funding this scheme '.


Platform 1
Platform 2


These dipping platforms will be particularly useful when river levels are high or the ground is wet as they allow sampling etc to continue safely despite the poor weather conditions. The river dipping platform should also protect the bank by reducing sediment entering the water as there are now steps to allow kick samples and river profile measurements to be taken easily.