Restoration of the Wicksteed Park Water Meadow

27 Sep 2011

Restoration of the Wicksteed Park Water Meadow


Over 25 staff from the Environment Agency and Anglian Water spent their environmental leave day at the Water Meadow in Wicksteed Park Nature Reserve helping with the restoration. The staff were led by Dr Robin Field, the Revital-ISE Project Manager and Jane Pearman, Reserves Manager for the Wildlife Trust and helped with clearing scrub from the site and re-instating the water channels. Most of the staff were from offices outside the county, with many being based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Dr Robin Field said 'the work carried out on this rare and unique habitat will help restore a valuable resource for both wildlife and for the community to use' and 'all the staff seemed to enjoy being out of the office on a pleasant autumn day.' Gio Pisano SEP Manager from the Environment Agency said '.We had a memorable day out, helping to bring back this beautiful place to its former glory. It is a prime example of how anybody can ensure a future for wildlife species and for people's enjoyment, while having fun.'

Steve Langlois, Planning and Equivalence Manager from Anglian Water said 'At Anglian Water we are very aware the water we supply to our customers is borrowed from the natural environment.' 'It is in everyone's interest to make sure special places such as the Water Meadow at Wicksteed should stay wet, wild and wonderful.' 'We had a really rewarding day and it was also a great opportunity for everyone to meet people from other teams in organisations that work together on a day to day basis.'

This event is part of a series of events which started earlier in the year to restore this rare habitat. Two more events are planned in the next week or so, the first of which will be mainly local volunteers from the Natural-ISE group and Groundwork Northamptonshire. They will continue with the work of the EA and AW staff plus helping to cut and clear the wetter part of the Water Meadow. A local church group will then work on the site to help finish some of these tasks.

The Wildlife Trust are managing the sites as one of their Northamptonshire reserves and will continue with the restoration work over the next six to nine months. Jane Pearman, Reserves Manager said 'Hopefully within the near future this rare habitat will be fully restored and returned to its traditional form of management.'

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