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As a result of the Carbon Sink Forestry Feasibility Study and workshop from 2010 The Forests for Life Rockingham Project is under way, having been successful in attracting funding from Defra (via the Forestry Commission) to establish innovative new ways of creating woodland and working together.

Strategic planning and negotiations for the Rockingham Forest for Life project continue in the face of uncertainties in the carbon market situation. At a more practical level the planting of a further 6.6 ha has been completed with some 15.000 trees planted at 2 sites in the Rockingham Forest, just north of Kettering. The new planting fills a gap in Weekley Hall wood creating a continuous block woodland covering over 160 ha. The planting is a mix of native broadleaf trees including Oak, Beech and Hazel and provides a range of environmental and landscape benefits. RNRP are in the process of collating information from other groups to create a more complete picture of woodland creation and enhancement in the RFfL area and the steering group for this project will meet early in June to discuss opportunities for planting in the coming season.

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The regeneration of the Rockingham Forest will raise awareness of a wide range of environmental and related issues and be fully supported locally. By 2025, the Forest for Life will be nationally recognised as an exemplar climate change initiative for the regeneration of the Rockingham Forest. It will be an innovative and purposeful means of bringing businesses and communities together around a common cause. It will make the area more resilient and contribute to it being one of the most attractive landscapes in England to live in, work in and visit.

April 02 2015

Recent Forest for Life - Rockingham Planting Projects

March 2015 has seen a total area of 13.25 hecatres of land being planted for the Forest for Life - Rockingham Project.

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June 10 2021

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