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River Basin Management Plan - Anglian River Basin District

This plan is about the pressures facing the water environment in the Anglian River Basin District, and the actions that will address them. It has been prepared under the Water Framework Directive, and is the first of a series of six-year planning cycles.

By 2015, 16 per cent of surface waters (rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters) in this river basin district are going to improve for at least one biological, chemical or physical element, measured as part of an assessment of good status according to the Water Framework Directive. This includes an improvement of 1,700 km of the river network in relation to fish, phosphate, specific pollutants and other elements.

By 2015 19 per cent of surface waters will be at good ecological status/potential and 45 per cent of groundwater bodies will be at good status. In combination 20 per cent of all water bodies will be at good status by 2015. The Environment Agency wants to go further and achieve an additional two per cent improvement to surface waters across England and Wales by 2015.

The biological parts of how the water environment is assessed the plant and animal communities are key indicators. At least 30 per cent of assessed surface waters will be at good or better biological status by 2015.

The Anglian River Basin District is a unique environment; the landscape ranges from gentle chalk and limestone ridges to the extensive lowlands of the Fens and East Anglian coastal estuaries and marshes. Water is essential to the maintenance of the rivers, lakes, estuaries, coasts and groundwater that underpins these landscapes and their wildlife. And it is vital to the livelihoods of those who live and work here.

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This presentation explains the pressures on our water environment. It sets out what we're doing and what you can do to contribute to the future health of our waters.

The Environment Agency have released the River Nene and River Welland Water Quality Data Viewer.

The viewer is an excel based interactive map which shows all our water quality monitoring points for the River Nene and River Welland. When these points are accessed by the user all the water quality data held by the Environment Agency for that sampling point is presented in a series of graphs for each parameter including the Water Framework Directive target for that parameter.

Catchment Sensitive Farming

Catchment Sensitive Farming

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