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  Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area

Nene Valley NIA Objectives

The aim of the Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area is to achieve a step-change in the mechanisms for delivering nature conservation to create a resilient ecological network in the Nene Valley, through five key objectives:

  1. Growth and development will support, value and benefit the natural environment resulting in a sustainable funding source and delivery of improvements to the ecological network
  2. Enhance awareness of, access to and benefits from the Nene Valley for growing local communities in a sustainable and sympathetic way, while ensuring that the designated sites at the core are brought into/remain in favourable condition
  3. Improve ecological status of the river and enhance ecosystem service provision
  4. Through effective engagement with farmers and landowners maintain, restore and create BAP habitats and implement sustainable land management practices to strengthen the ecological network
  5. Investigate the potential to market ecosystem services provided by the Nene Valley by developing and trialling tools and models for Payments for Ecosystem Services


 Nene Valley NIA Area


Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area

Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area

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