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  Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Nenescape Landscape Partnership is a Heritage Lottery Funded scheme, which will focus on the transition of the Nene Valley from a working landscape to a recreational space with significant historical and wildlife interest.  All of this must learn to coexist alongside a large, increasing human population; modern industry and agriculture.


The Vision

The Nenescape Landscape Partnership Scheme will reveal the hidden stories of the Nene Valley and strengthen the relationships local people and industry have with this extraordinary countryside.  

Through a series of ambitious projects, under three themes; listen to the past, explore the now, and secure the future, we will create a well-managed, understood and appreciated landscape that tells tales of times gone by; inspires a sense of adventure; is easy to explore, rich in wildlife, and resilient to the pressures of on-going population growth.

For more information please visit the Nenescape website: www.nenescape.org 

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