Nenescape Resilient River Update: Ailsworth Backchannel Project Underway

18 Apr 2019

As part of our Heritage Lottery-Funded Nenescape Landscape Partnership, Resilient River is now ploughing ahead with restoration work along the length of the River Nene, and the first stages of its Ailsworth Backchannel project are now complete. 

In February 2019 the first component of the Ailsworth Backchannel restoration scheme was delivered. A number of trees and tree limbs, from small to large were hinged and pinned to the bankside to increase the in-channel woody habitat along the backchannel. Set at various water levels, this woody material will provide refuge for fish, invertebrates, mammals and aquatic birds during all water conditions.

Through the Summer there will be further works carried out in the form of fencing, to exclude livestock from the banks of the river and reduce livestock poaching. There will also be 120t of gravel introduced into the channel over two locations to provide fresh spawning substrate for Barbel. 

The project will be fully completed in November, when a number of native trees will be planted to provide shade to the channel and reduce weed growth. Once completed, the project aims to deliver a safer habitat for fish and local wildlife, as well as improving amenities for local communities, and others who use the area.

River Nene Regional Park will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of Resilient River, as well as other Nenescape projects throughout the year. Keep up to date by following us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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