Resilient River Celebrates Native Aquatic Life on Barnwell Backchannel

25 Nov 2019

The Nenescape Resilient River Project is proud to unveil two specially-commissioned wooden sculptures depicting native fish species found along the Barnwell Backchannel.

As part of the interpretation and engagement of our Nenescape Resilient River Project on the Barnwell Backchannel, we commissioned two stunning carved, wooden sculptures, beautifully crafted and designed to celebrate some of the native fish species you will find along the backchannel. 

The carvings were expertly crafted by talented Bedfordshire sculptor Tony Langston. 

The first of the two commissions takes the form of a rustic, solid-wood carved bench, depicting the Chub, which is a species prolific to the backchannel, while the second is an impressive sculpture celebrating the Pike. 

We are thrilled to see these eye-catching works now on display on the backchannel, and we can't wait to see what visitors to the area think of them. If you come across them on one of your winter walks this year, why not snap a photo and tag us @rnrp_official on Instagram with the hashtag #ResilientRiver. We'd love to see visitors and the local community enjoying them.