Case Study: Elton Backchannel


Resilient River


National Lottery Heritage Fund, Environment agency, Nene Valley Catchment Partnership, Nenescape LP, Elton Estates & Peterborough & District Angling Association.


 Elton backchannel proposed a number of enhancement opportunities with the primary focus of the project being to repair the heavily damaged ford. This project will benefit fish, other wildlife including otters and diversify the river habitats. The Project contributes to delivery of Water Frame Directive, improving the ecological status of the river. It will also help the EA deliver the Eel Management Plan and meet its statutory obligations under the Eel Regulations.

  • Reduce fine sediment inputs at the ford caused by cattle poaching by reprofiling and grass seeding the eroded banks; re-stoning the access ramps; and installing post and rail fencing and gates to cattle control access to and across the back channel.
  • Prevent future erosion by erecting livestock exclusion fencing.
  • Install pasture pumps to provide cattle access to a water supply.
  • Increase shade and reduce the growth rate of emergent weed beds by new tree planting.

 Our Solution

  • Remedial works to the ford to reduce sediment and nutrient inputs resulting from cattle crossing and congregating on the ford.
  • Tree planting to increase shade over the river and suppress the growth of emergent vegetation. 
  • Installing new pasture pumps to provide a low maintenance water supply for cattle.
  • Protect banks from future damage by erecting livestock fencing.


Download our PDF for more details and information about the Elton Backchannel Project


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  • 129th Blakesley & District Agricultural show
  • 129th Blakesley & District Agricultural show
  • 129th Blakesley & District Agricultural show

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