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National Lottery Heritage Fund, Environment agency, Nene Valley Catchment Partnership, Nenescape LP & Peterborough & District Angling Association. 

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  • Improve the gravel bed topography and the quality of spawning habitat through clean gravel introduction in 7 locations.
  • Increase in-stream woody habitat; provide fish and invertebrate refuges; improve conveyance; and reduce the risk of channel blockages by hinging and pinning selected riverside trees and securing fallen tree limbs.
  • Reduce the impact of sediment inputs, in particular because of erosion caused by livestock and public access. Plant new trees to provide shade over the water to improve cover for fish and reduce water temperature. 
  • Improve access for anglers. 
  • Improve overhead cover by installing floating woody refuge. 

Our Solution

The Nassington Backchannel scheme comprised of 5 activities. The activities were: 

  • Activity 1 – Hinging and pinning overhanging trees and pleaching small riverside trees to increase in- stream woody habitat and create flow variation to improve the natural cleansing of the gravels. 
  • Activity 2 - Tree planting to increase shade over the river and suppress the growth of emergent vegetation. 
  • Activity 3 – Protect banks from future damage by erecting livestock fencing. 
  • Activity 4 – Introducing fresh gravels to enhance spawning habitat and adjust flow dynamics. Activity 5 – Create overhead cover for fish species in an area where currently they are exposed. 

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June 21 2022

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A new £300k mooring was officially opened at The Chester House Estate at Irchester, near Wellingborough on Friday 10th June by the Nenescape Landscape Partnership.

February 23 2022

NOTICE: We are Moving!

RNRP is moving offices this week and, until further notice, all enquiries will be via email to 
We will not have access to voicemail on the landlines, but staff will still be contactable via their mobile phones.

February 22 2022

EVENTS: Future Farming Forum 2022

In March, River Nene Regional Park will be hosting its first in-person forum event of 2022 for Nene Valley Farmers at Chester House Estate.