The River Nene Regional Park (RNRP) document suite which includes all the documents that the River Nene Regional Park and its partners have published.


Brochures & Downloads

  •   NICP Objectives

    The key aim of the project would be to inform the second phase Anglian River Basin Management Plan (due in 2015).   [ 352KB ]

  •   SPACE 1 - Spring 2006

    This was the launch edition of the RNRP's unique ‘SPACE’ magazine which details the work that has been undertaken as part of the River Nene Regional Park. It documents the conception of The River Nene Regional Park, and the unravelling of its projects as it developed new innovative green space initiatives focusing on a Sustainable Environmental Agenda within Northamptonshire and beyond.   [ 2MB ]

  •   Catchment Sensitive Farming

    The River Nene Catchment Partnership held its 2nd Stakeholder Steering Group meeting on 24th February 2010. Presentations given.   [ 880KB ]

  •   North Northamptonshire Carbon Sink Forestry Feasibility Study

    Green infrastructure (GI) can be delivered through a planned network of multi-functional green spaces and interconnecting links which is designed, developed and managed to meet the environmental, social and economic needs of communities across Northamptonshire.   [ 2MB ]

  •   Improving the Nene Valley

    Dr Robin Field, Nene Valley NIA Land Advisor and Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer has compiled leaflet to provide more information about this exciting project for Northamptonshire.   [ 1MB ]

  •   Listening to the Landscape

    Green Places is the Landscape Design Trust's publication that brings together a diversity of expertise and opinion on how a quality public realm can be created and accessed by all. The journal features the latest thinking, initiatives and best- practice in public space.   [ 1MB ]

  •   Resilient River

    Latest Brochures & Downloads from Resilient River   [ ]

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Management Plans

  •   RNRP Feasibility Study- Tangible Projects Review

    A review of Tangible Projects completed as part of the Feasibility Study for the RIver Nene Regional Park. As part of the wider Feasibility Study a review of potential projects to form the backbone of the River Nene Regional Park was undertaken. The review highlighted a wide range of projects that could be developed and taken forward as the River Nene Regional Park initiative develops and evolves. Nine of these projects recieved funding through the Office of the Deputy Prime Ministers (ODPM) Growth Areas Funding.   [ 1MB ]

  •   Draft NICP Management Plan - Oct 2013

    [Draft] This Catchment Management Plan is one of many being produced nationally and seeks to provide a clear framework for effective partnership working.   [ 3MB ]

  •   Nene Valley Strategic Plan Final Report 2010

    The Nene Valley Strategic Plan is the culmination of partner and stakeholder engagement that has helped to shape this ambitious vision for the Nene Valley and provide a framework for the future.   [ 3MB ]

  •   Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy 2010-2014

    This strategy aims to start the long-term process of achieving at least a 26% cut in emissions by 2020 and at least 80% reduction in emissions by 2050, in line with national targets and ultimately becoming a carbon neutral county.   [ 451KB ]

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  •   Forests for Life Summer 2014 Newsletter

    An update on the latest activity on the Forest for Life Rockingham project can be found in the new Summer 2014 Newsletter. Please share this link with anyone you feel it may be of interest to.   [ 2MB ]

  •   RNRP Newsletter Autumn 2012

    The latest River Nene Regional Park Newsletter providing an update on current projects is now available.   [ 516KB ]

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Press Releases

  •   RFfL Press Release 25-07-2011

    Rockingham Forest for Life - Corporate Business Event Update: Business support for local approach to tackle global climate issue   [ 143KB ]

  •   Great Farm Challenge

    Farmers of the future battle to impress judges with water protection plans. Agricultural students in East Anglia were put through their paces today in a contest to find the best water-friendly farming ideas.   [ 74KB ]

  •   Trout in the Classroom project

    The Revital-ISE project which aims to revive the River Ise and its surrounding environment and increase community involvement has funded three schools to take part in the national and international project "Trout in the Classroom".   [ 73KB ]

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River Nene Regional Park


June 21 2022

Nenescape launches new mooring on River Nene

A new £300k mooring was officially opened at The Chester House Estate at Irchester, near Wellingborough on Friday 10th June by the Nenescape Landscape Partnership.

February 23 2022

NOTICE: We are Moving!

RNRP is moving offices this week and, until further notice, all enquiries will be via email to 
We will not have access to voicemail on the landlines, but staff will still be contactable via their mobile phones.