Management/Feasibility/Strategic Studies

Forests for Life Management Plans

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Nene Valley NIA Management Plans

  •   Nene Valley Strategic Plan Final Report 2010

    The Nene Valley Strategic Plan is the culmination of partner and stakeholder engagement that has helped to shape this ambitious vision for the Nene Valley and provide a framework for the future.   [ 3MB ]

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Nene Environmental Character Management Plans

  •   Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy 2010-2014

    This strategy aims to start the long-term process of achieving at least a 26% cut in emissions by 2020 and at least 80% reduction in emissions by 2050, in line with national targets and ultimately becoming a carbon neutral county.   [ 451KB ]

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Nene Catchment Partnership Management Plans  [NCP]

  •   Draft NICP Management Plan - Oct 2013

    [Draft] This Catchment Management Plan is one of many being produced nationally and seeks to provide a clear framework for effective partnership working.   [ 3MB ]

  •   NICP Management Plan Appendices - June 2014

    Background to the Nene Valley, the river and its tributaries, details of projects in the database and planning policies.   [ 553KB ]

  •   NICP Management Plan - June 2014

    The River Nene Regional Park has produced the River Nene Integrated Catchment Management Plan covering the River Nene from Northamptonshire through to Peterborough. The plan arises from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive but provides a means of addressing the many opportunities and challenges facing the Nene in a co-ordinated, strategic way.   [ 2MB ]

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River Nene River Park Management Plans  [RNRP]

  •   RNRP Feasibility Study- Tangible Projects Review

    A review of Tangible Projects completed as part of the Feasibility Study for the RIver Nene Regional Park. As part of the wider Feasibility Study a review of potential projects to form the backbone of the River Nene Regional Park was undertaken. The review highlighted a wide range of projects that could be developed and taken forward as the River Nene Regional Park initiative develops and evolves. Nine of these projects recieved funding through the Office of the Deputy Prime Ministers (ODPM) Growth Areas Funding.   [ 1MB ]

  •   RNRP Feasibility Study- Technical Feasibility Study

    A Feasibility Study examining the potential for a new Regional Park serving the communities of Northamptonshire and the East Midlands.The Technical Feasibility Study was the result of a wide spread consultation exercise including organisations, communities and landowners. This was undertaken to ascertain if a Regional Park could be successfully delivered within the MKSM growth area. The consultation highlighted the need for the development of a shared vision, focusing on environment, social and economic themes.   [ 3MB ]

  •   RNRP Feasibility Study - Executive Summary

    A non technical summary of the Technical Feasibility Study   [ 97KB ]

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River Nene Regional Park


June 21 2022

Nenescape launches new mooring on River Nene

A new £300k mooring was officially opened at The Chester House Estate at Irchester, near Wellingborough on Friday 10th June by the Nenescape Landscape Partnership.

February 23 2022

NOTICE: We are Moving!

RNRP is moving offices this week and, until further notice, all enquiries will be via email to 
We will not have access to voicemail on the landlines, but staff will still be contactable via their mobile phones.