The Rivers Trust Annual Review, 2018/19 - Available Now!

24 Jul 2019

"Join the Riverlution!" 

River Nene Regional Park and the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership are proud to be a part of the Rivers Trust Movement. While not being an official trust ourselves... yet... we are delighted to have been given the golden opportunity to contribute to these amazing stats and achievements over the past 12 months, helping to protect and improve the Nene Valley for communities and wildlife and to safeguard the landscape for years to come.

Here's just a few of the things trusts around the country achieved last year...

It's been a busy 12 months for The Rivers Trust, and key focuses this year have been on plastic reduction, soil loss, educating farmers on sustainability, and vital work on preserving our precious wetlands. 

Our Contribution...

  • New fence lines and 21 timber styles for anglers along the Elton Backchannel, along with the planting of new trees to increase shade and 3 new pasture pumps to provide water for cattle without disturbing the riverbank and wildlife.
  • 160 feet of fresh, clean gravel along the Barnwell Inner Backchannel to increase habitat, along with pinning of trees and improved bank protection.
  • Preventing poaching on the Whitemills Backchannel with new fences, along with more pinned trees to increase in-bank woody habitat. Banks on the channel were also re-graded to ease the gradient from water to bank top. 
  • Focus groups working together to deliver sustainable solutions to mitigate flood risk in the Harper's Brook Catchment,
  • Providing site visits, events, and essential advice for farmers in the Nene and Welland Catchment to reduce agricultural impacts on water.

Find out More...

To read more about everything Rivers Trusts in the UK have achieved over the past year, the full Annual Report is available to download for free from The Rivers Trust. 

Download PDF for free here.

You'll find information on how you can get involved locally, wherever you are in the UK or Ireland, at

For local volunteering opportunities in the River Nene Catchment, you can also check in with RNRP and Nenescape for the latest activities.