05 Nov 2014

What is Treezilla?

Treezilla is an exciting new platform for citizen science that everyone from school children to university students and the general public can get involved with.

The idea is to map every tree in Britain.

This will create a data-rich platform on which a wide range of citizen science investigations can be built.
How do I take part?
Sign up and click on the link to add a tree.

Move around the map to the area where you want to add tree information and zoom right in to see the tree. Click on the tree and that’s it you’ve added the tree to the database.

The next thing is to add more information about that tree, particularly the name of the species and its size. If you don’t know what type of tree it is then you can take some pictures and upload them and someone will help with identifying the species.

You can also add other information about the tree, for example noting whether there are any pests or diseases. We are particularly interested in some of the recently emerging diseases such as Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea), there are links to identification resources and you can upload photos concerning these conditions too.
What are the scientific objectives?
As a citizen science platform, Treezilla can be used to serve a wide variety scientific objectives. For example, studies of the epidemiology of new and emerging tree diseases, evaluation of ecosystem services provided by trees, effects of climate change on tree growth and condition and macroecology.

Your turn

The database of trees comes from public records and citizen foresters like you. Add a tree today and help us grow!


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