Nene Valley Catchment Partnership

October 13 2021

Flood and Coast Resilience Innovation Program Funds 2 New Vacancies with West Northants Council

West Northants Council advertises two new project management vacancies, made possible by the Flood and Coast Resilience Innovation Funding Program.

CSF Update

CSF Update

Georgina Wallis, Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer attended a National CSF Partnerships meeting in DEFRA Nobel House, London on Tuesday 4th April to discuss the work that the CSF catchments partnerships …

LERAPS Pesticide workshop
Presentation & Thanks

LERAPS Pesticide workshop

On the 21st March we delivered a pesticide handling a LERAPS workshop, discussing best practice advise around pesticide handling and usage. We also looked into the LERAP regulations and advised …

Catchment Sensitive Farming Specialist Visits

Free one-to-one advice visits are still available on topics such as farm infrastructure audits, pesticide handling facilities, soil and nutrient management, as well as free fertiliser spreader and pellet applicator …

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