DOWNLOAD: Latest Updates for Farmers in Nene & Welland Catchments - February 2021

22 Feb 2021

Download all presentations and source materials from our first digital event for farmers in the Nene and Welland Catchments, including updates from Anglian Water, NFU, DEFRA and more...

A huge thank you to all who spoke and attended our first ever digital conference for farmers in the Nene & Welland Catchment, made possible by our fantastic partners at the Water Environment Grant. The online event was full to capacity and it was very inspiring to see so many from our farming comunities so engaged and interacting with speakers and each other. The feedback from the day has been fantastic and we look forward to seeing many of the attendees at next month's seminars!

For those who were unable to attend, or would like their own copy of the presentations and source materials featured by Simon Fisher, Joanne Pollock and Peter Brown for reference, we are delighted to make them available to download for free. 

DEFRA Agricultural Transition Plan - Update

NFU's Simon Fisher outlines the latest project developments, actions, and strategies being undertaken in the Nene & Welland catchments. 

Anglian Water Catchment Update 

Catchment Advisor for Nene & Welland, Joanne Pollock, brings us up to speed on new activities, strategies, and updates in the catchment...

Nene & Welland CSF

CSF officer, Peter Brown, shares the most up to date information and progress made in the catchment, and sets out the strategy and approach for 2021...

Huge thanks again for everyone who attended, took part in discussion, and helped make our firsy foray into digital conferencing a success! Special thanks go to our superstar speakers, who took to it like ducks to water (so to speak).

We are holding these digital get-togethers for farming and agricultural professionals monthly between now and May 2021.

Our next session will be on Monday 15th March, where we will be hearing all the latest key findings from local field trials.

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