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The Nene rises from three sources in Northamptonshire, becoming tidal past Peterborough; with the pilot area covering 1711km2. The main river sits in the major floodplain, with the tributaries considered to be in the minor floodplain. The landscape is predominantly agriculture, comprised of mixed farming, with the two major settlements being the town of Northampton in the upper Nene, and the city of Peterborough in the middle Nene. The Rockingham Forest area forms a significant part of the north of the catchment.

Formed in June 2014 the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership covers the catchment of the River Nene and its tributaries as shown in the map below. 

Nene Integrated Catchment


The Partnership Vision

The Nene Valley Catchment Partnership will realise this vision that the Nene Catchment will support abundant and resilient natural assets and is a desirable place to live, work and relax. The catchment will be characterised by thriving communities and sustainable complimentary growth and development. This will be achieved through efficient and practical project implementation based on sound evidence, influence on, and delivery through local planning policies, open and ongoing communication and genuine collaboration.



The key aims of the Nene Valley Catchment Partnership have been identified as:

  • Overseeing the realisation of the of the Nene Integrated Catchment Management Plan
  • Achieving improvements in water quality across the catchment
  •  Enabling co-ordinated efficient delivery of river improvement projects
  •  Supporting cross-boundary working
  •  Contributing to the development and improvement of green infrastructure links throughout Catchment
  •  Providing a mechanism to ‘pool’ funding to deliver multi-functional projects
  •  Informing the development of suitable planning policy
  •  Improving access to and amenity of the river corridor
  •  Maintaining the profile of the River Nene and its tributaries and communicating openly with all stakeholders



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NCP Management Plans

  •   Engaging with the Water Framework Directive

    Guidance for local authorities on engaging with the Water Framework Directive   [ 3MB ]

  •   NICP Management Plan - June 2014

    The River Nene Regional Park has produced the River Nene Integrated Catchment Management Plan covering the River Nene from Northamptonshire through to Peterborough. The plan arises from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive but provides a means of addressing the many opportunities and challenges facing the Nene in a co-ordinated, strategic way.   [ 2MB ]

  •   NICP Management Plan Appendices - June 2014

    Background to the Nene Valley, the river and its tributaries, details of projects in the database and planning policies.   [ 553KB ]

  •   Draft NICP Management Plan - Oct 2013

    [Draft] This Catchment Management Plan is one of many being produced nationally and seeks to provide a clear framework for effective partnership working.   [ 3MB ]

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Nene Catchment Partnership

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